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Schedule 2: Australian Consumer Law


Section 55 Guarantee as to fitness for any disclosed purpose etc.

(1) If:

(a) a person (the supplier) supplies, in trade or commerce, goods to a consumer; and

(b) the supply does not occur by way of sale by auction; there is a guarantee that the goods are reasonably fit for any disclosed purpose, and for any purpose for which the supplier represents that they are reasonably fit.

(2) A disclosed purpose is a particular purpose (whether or not that purpose is a purpose for which the goods are commonly supplied) for which the goods are being acquired by the consumer and that:

(a) the consumer makes known, expressly or by implication, to:

(i) the supplier; or

(ii) a person by whom any prior negotiations or arrangements in relation to the acquisition of the goods were conducted or made; or

(b) the consumer makes known to the manufacturer of the goods either directly or through the supplier or the person referred to in paragraph (a)(ii).

(3) This section does not apply if the circumstances show that the consumer did not rely on, or that it was unreasonable for the consumer to rely on, the skill or judgment of the supplier, the person referred to in subsection (2)(a)(ii) or the manufacturer, as the case may be.


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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) | Sch 2: Australian Consumer Law
Chapter 3 Specific Provisions | Part 3-2 Consumer Transactions | Sub-division A - Guarantees relating to the supply of goods


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