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Contract Casebooks and Texts (by year)

Contract Law Casebook
Butler, Christensen, Dixon, Willmott (OUP 2nd edn, 2013)

Contract Law
Willmott, Christensen, Butler and Dixon (OUP, 4th edition, 2013)

Contract Law: Commentaries, Cases and Perspectives
Clarke and Clarke (OUP, 2nd edition, 2012)

Contract Law in Australia
J W Carter (LexisNexis Butterworths, 6th edn, 2012)

Cases and Materials on Contract Law in Australia
J W Carter (LexisNexis Butterworths, 6th edn, 2012)

Cheshire & Fifoot Law of Contract
Seddon, Bigwood and Ellinghaus (LexisNexis, 10th Australian Edition, 2012)

Contract: General Principles - The Laws of Australia
Jim Davis (ed) (ThomsonReuters, 2nd edn, 2012)

Contract Law: Text and Cases
Dilan Thampapillai, Vivi Tan and Claudio Bozzi (OUP, 2012)

Carter's Guide to Australian Contract Law
J W Carter (LexisNexisButterworths, 2nd edn, 2011)

Contract: Cases and Materials
Paterson, Robertson & Duke (ThomsonReuters, 12th edn, 2011)

Principles of Contract Law
Duke, Paterson and Robertson (ThomsonReuters, 4th edn, 2011)

An Introduction to the Law of Contract
Stephen Graw (ThomsonReuters, 7th edn, 2011)

Focus: Contract Law
Wiseman, Backstrom and Trowse (LexisNexis, 4th edn, 2011)

LexisNexis Case Summaries: Contracts
Smith (LexisNexis, 7th edn, 2011)

Nutshell Contract Law
Geoff Lindsay (ThomsonReuters, 6th edn, 2010)

Understanding Contract Law
Khoury and Yamouni (LexisNexis, 8th edn, 2009)

Principles of Australian Contract Law
Radan and Gooley (LexisNexis, 2nd edn, 2009)

Principles of Australian Contract Law: Cases and Materials
Radan and Gooley (LexisNexis, 2nd edn, 2009)

Butterworths Casebook Companions - Contract Law
Clarke, Clarke and Courmadias (3rd edn, LexisNexis Butterworths, 2005)


Consumer protection texts

The Australian Consumer Law
Stephen Corones (ThomsonReuters, 2nd edn, 2012)

The Australian Consumer Law: Commentary and Materials
Stephen Corones and Philip H Clarke (ThomsonReuters, 4th edn, 2011)

Consumer Protection Law in Australia
Bruce (LexisNexis, 2010)


Specialist subject books

Unfair Contract Terms in Australia
Jeannie Paterson (ThomsonReuters 2011)

Contract and the Australian Consumer Law - A Guide
J W Carter (LexisNexis, 2011)

Carter's Breach of Contract
J W Carter (LexisNexis, 2011)

The Interpretation of Contracts in Australia
Lord Justice Lewison, David Hughes (ThomsonReuters 2011)

The Construction of Contracts: Interpretation, Implication and Rectification
Gerard McMeel (OUP, 2nd edn, 2011)

Unjust Enrichment
Barker and Grantham (LexisNexis, 2008)

Good Faith in the Performance of Contracts
Peden (LexisNexis, 2003)

Good Faith and Fault in Contract Law
Beatson and Friedmann (eds) (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1995)

Essays on Contract
Finn (ed), (Law Book Co, Sydney, 1987)


Quick Reference Card: Contract Law I
J W Carter (LexisNexis, 2011)

Quick Reference Card: Contract Law II
J W Carter (LexisNexis, 2011)


Articles, speeches

Note, this does not purport to be comprehensive; it contains some select articles on contract law.

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The Uncertain Basis of the Postal Acceptance Rule?
David McLauchlan (2013) 30 Journal of Contract Law 33

The Relevance of Breach to the Applicability of the Rule against Penalties
Sirko Harder (2013) 30 Journal of Contract Law 52
(discussed in the context of Andrews v ANZ)


The International Harmonisation of Australian Contract Law
Donald Robertson (2012) 29 Journal of Contract Law 1

What’s Wrong with the Australian Law of Contract?
Andrew Stewart (2012) 29 Journal of Contract Law 74


Agreements, Common Mistake and the Purpose of Contract
Andrew Tettenborn (2012) 22 Journal of Contract Law 91


External linkThe Enforceability of Agreements to Negotiate in Good Faith
Jack O'Connor [2010] UTasLawRw 8; (2010) 29(2) University of Tasmania Law Review 177

External linkGood faith: Where are We At?
The Hon Marilyn Warren AC (2010) 34 Melbourne University Law Review 344


External linkContract Interpretation: What Is It About?
David McLauchlan [2009] SydLawRw 1; (2009) 31(1) Sydney Law Review 5

External linkThe Implied Duty of Good Faith in Australian Contract Law
Justice Robert McDougall [2006] AUConstrLawNlr 36; (2006) 108 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 28


External linkLaying the Mark to Port and Starboard: Salvage Under Duress and Economic Duress at Contract Law
Olivia Lennox-King [2007] ANZMarLawJl 5; (2007) 21(1) Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal 32


External linkImplied Obligations of Good Faith and Resonableness in the Performance of Contracts: Old Wine in New Bottles?
Geoffrey Kuehne [2006] UWALawRw 4; (2006) 33(1) University of Western Australia Law Review 63

External linkStructuring the application of the equitable doctrines of undue influence and unconscionable dealing
Andrew N Sykes (2006) 13(1) E Law Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law 46-57


External linkThe Limits of Voluntariness in Contract
Andrew Robertson [2005] MULR 5; 29 Melbourne University Law Review 218

External linkQuantum Meruit for Building Services Under Unenforceable Contract
Chris Fenwick [2005] AUConstrLawNlr 17; (2005) 101 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 6

External linkRevisiting the Rule in L'Estrange v F Graucob Ltd
Phillip Sharp [2005] BondLawRw 17; (2005) 17(2) Bond Law Review 204


External linkThe Admissibility of Evidence of Surrounding Circumstances in the Interpretation of Contracts
Francis Tiernan [2003] AUConstrLawNlr 51; (2003) 92 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 14

External linkGood Faith: Is It a Contractual Obligation?
Bruno Zeller [2003] BondLawRw 30; (2003) 15(2) Bond Law Review 217


External linkContract And The Family: Whither Intention
Maria Keyes and Kylie Burns [2002] MULR 30; (2002) 26 Melbourne University Law Review 577


External linkBreach of Contract and Misleading Conduct: A Storm in A Teacup?
Jason Cornwall-Jones (2000) 24(2) Melbourne University Law Review


External link Electronic Signatures: Understand the Past to Develop the Future
Adrian McCullagh, Peter Little and William Caelli [1998] UNSWLawJl 56; (1998) 21(2) University of New South Wales Law Journal 452

External linkRescission of an Executed Contract at Common Law for an Innocent Misrepresentation
Peter McFarlane and Lindy Willmott [1998] BondLawRw 4; (1998) 10(1) Bond Law Review 58


Breach of Contract and Misleading or Deceptive Conduct
Skapinker D and Carter J W (1997) 113 LQR 294


Good Faith and Fairness in Commercial Contract Law
Rt Hon Lord Justice Staughton, (1994) 7 Journal of Contract Law 193


Contract and its Relationship with Equitable Standards and the Doctrine of Good Faith
Sir Anthony Mason, The Cambridge Lectures, 1993 (8 July 1993)


The Hegemony of Misleading or Deceptive Conduct in Contract, Tort and Restitution
Philip H Clarke (1989) 5 Australian Bar Review 109

External linkContract, Restitution and Promissory Estoppel
John Carter [1989] UNSWLawJl 3; (1989) 12(1) University of New South Wales Law Journal 30

External linkA Guide to a Comparison of Australian and United States Contract Law
The Hon Justice L J Priestley [1989] UNSWLawJl 2; (1989) 12(1) University of New South Wales Law Journal 4


The Implied Contract Theory of Quasi-Contract: Civilian Opinion Current in the Century Before Blackstone
Birks and McLeod (1986) 6 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 46


Wigan v Edwards (Contract)
Janet N Walker [1974] MelbULawRw 9; (1974) 9(3) Melbourne University Law Review 537


The Inconsistent Collateral Contract
David W McLauchlan, (1976-1977) 3 Dalhousie LJ 136


External linkSignature, Consent and the Rule in L'Estrange v Graucob
Spencer (1973) Cambridge Law Journal 104